se|ri|ous [ `sıriəs ] adjective ***
▸ 1 bad enough to worry you
▸ 2 deserving attention
▸ 3 not joking
▸ 4 careful and detailed
▸ 5 not laughing much
▸ 6 involving difficult ideas
▸ 7 involving strong feelings
▸ 8 caring about activity
▸ 9 extreme/large in amount
1. ) bad or dangerous enough to make you worried:
a serious illness/accident/injury: a serious head injury
a serious problem/mistake: It's not a serious problem we should be able to fix it easily.
a serious crime/offense/threat: An accident like this poses a serious threat to the environment.
The sale of the company will have serious implications for people's jobs.
2. ) important and deserving attention:
This is an extremely serious matter.
He has no serious competition for the job.
3. ) meaning what you say or do, and not making a joke:
I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were being serious.
The police have made no serious attempt to address these issues.
serious about: I'm not convinced they're serious about the deal.
serious about doing something: Do you think Mike's serious about going to live in New York?
deadly/dead (=completely) serious: Are you serious about leaving your job? Dead serious.
a ) be serious SPOKEN used for telling someone that you think what they are saying is not sensible:
Be serious! How would we pay for a vacation in the Bahamas?
you can't be serious: You can't be serious! You're actually going to lend him money again?
b ) I'm serious SPOKEN used for emphasizing that you mean what you say:
I'm serious. I don't ever want to see you again.
4. ) careful and detailed:
serious consideration/thought/discussion: We'll have to give the situation some serious thought.
5. ) someone who is serious thinks carefully about things and does not laugh much:
Peter seems serious but he actually has a good sense of humor.
a ) appearing worried or upset:
Is Mary all right? She looked a little serious.
6. ) usually before noun dealing with important, complicated, or difficult ideas or subjects:
serious books/music
7. ) if you are in a serious romantic relationship with someone, you intend to stay together for a long time:
Is it getting serious with you and June?
a serious boyfriend/girlfriend/relationship: He's never had a serious relationship with anyone.
8. ) involved in an activity in a way that shows you like it a lot and think it is important:
My father is a serious runner.
9. ) INFORMAL extreme, or large in amount:
We did some serious hiking last weekend.
It's time you made some serious money.
╾ se|ri|ous|ness noun uncount

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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